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Dialogue Editing
Sound Effects Editing
Stereo Mixing for Short Films & Commercials
Pre-mixing for Feature Films
Mixing to Television Broadcast Standards
Audio Repair / Clean Up
Creative Sound Design
Production Sound Recording
Voiceover Recording
Foley Recording

I edit on a custom-designed audio workstation PC, which ensures complete reliability and exceptional performance with even the most demanding workflows.

I work using Pro Tools, along with a broad suite of plug-ins and other audio software, and mix on a pair of Yamaha HS7 audio monitors. 

I also offer both production and post-production recording capabilities, providing for voiceover and Foley recording as well as field recording or production sound as needed. 


I am happy to oversee the full audio post-production process or work within a post sound team on larger productions. 

To inquire about rates for any of these services, please get in touch here.

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