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Changing Coasts is an audio drama written and directed by Rob Flynn and produced by Bjorn Mac Giolla. It was first broadcast on Newstalk in April 2023 and is now available on the Drama on Newstalk feed on all major podcast apps. 

Set in an Irish coastal town threatened by sea level rise, the story follows two researchers tasked with interviewing the remaining residents about the area's past, present and uncertain future. The researchers hold opposing views about the importance of their work and, as they learn more about the people they meet, their differences of opinion reach breaking point.

The production was recorded on location in Wicklow and Dublin in late 2022. The creative team come from a background in film and television and one of their goals with the project was to bring a cinematic sensibility to the story. Through recording on location, they were able to capture naturalistic performances and authentic soundscapes, which were later augmented with original music, foley recordings and sound design.

It is a story set in the near future but very much drawing on the concerns of today, delving into contemporary debates around our relationship with nature, activism, migration and the challenges facing rural communities.


Changing Coasts was performed by Kwaku Fortune (Normal People, Hidden Assets), Geraldine McAlinden (The Last Rifleman, Bad Sisters), Maria McDermottroe (The Dead, Glenroe), Brian Mulvey (Foundation, The Last Duel), Paul Murphy (Aisha) and Aleesha Joe (Bad Sisters). Sound recording was by Stephen McHale, original music by Emer Landers and editing by Rob Flynn. It is a Bear Print Media production and was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television License Fee.

For more information, read the article on Newstalk here

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