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Dialogue Editing
Sound Effects Editing
Stereo Mixing for Short Films & Commercials
Pre-mixing for Feature Films
Mixing to Television Broadcast Standards
Audio Repair / Clean Up
Creative Sound Design
Production Sound Recording
Voiceover Recording
Foley Recording

I work primarily in Pro Tools, with access to a broad suite of plug-ins and other audio software. I work on a custom-designed audio workstation PC, which ensures complete reliability and exceptional performance, and mix on a pair of Genelec 8030 audio monitors. 

I can oversee the full audio post-production process for most rorojects and can also work as part of a post sound team on larger productions. 

I offer post-production recording capabilities for voiceover and Foley recording, as well as providing field recording or production sound as needed. 

To inquire about rates for any of these services, please get in touch here.

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