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Changing Coasts

Changing Coasts is a 45 minute radio drama set in an Irish coastal town threatened by sea level rise. The story follows two researchers tasked with interviewing the remaining residents about the area's past, present and uncertain future. The researchers hold opposing views about the importance of their work and, as they learn more about the people they meet, their differences of opinion reach breaking point.

The project was written and directed by me and produced by Bjorn Mac Giolla. It was broadcast on Newstalk in April 2023 and is available now on the Drama on Newstalk podcast feed.

For more info about this project, click here.

Resident is a ten part series that tells individual stories on identity, culture and the immigrant experience in Ireland. Each episode focuses on one person's story, where they explore the unique personal histories that led them here and what home means to them today.

Produced with Bear Print Media, it was broadcast on 103.2 Dublin City FM in summer 2022 and is available now on all major podcast apps.

For more info about this project, click here.

The Why of Where

The Why of Where is a three-part podcast series that tries to answer the why, what, where, when, who and how about the world we live in. 

Geography has always been a great interest of mine, so I decided to put that passion to good use by producing this limited series made during the first Covid lockdown. 

It's available now to listen to on all major podcast platforms.

My Passion, My Power

My Passion, My Power is a three-part radio documentary series for RTÉ, in which three extraordinary Irish women tell their inspirational stories of passion, resilience and survival. Featuring Mary Kate Slattery and her battle against anorexia, Amy Dunne and her ongoing fight to change abortion legislation, and ice swimmer Nuala Moore.

The series was produced by Aoife Kavanagh and I was sound supervisor on the project.

It's available now to listen to online the RTÉ Radio 1 website here.

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